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Internet Christian Bookstore Websites

We know that launching your own Internet Christian Bookstore is an exciting prospect. And we understand that you may have a lot of questions. The following information will help you understand the services we provide. For more information call us during business hours!
Are you looking to open your own online book store, and want to know how?
Christian Bookstore Websites
The DeeperCalling Christian Bookseller Webstore Service is a product for independant booksellers who wish to retail product on the internet. It has been designed from the ground up to ensure that retailers can quickly and easily sell Christian Books, Bibles, Music, Giftware and much more.

With a catalog of over 250,000 active instock products, you can be selling products on the internet within hours! Our Internet Christian Book Stores include all the features you need to get up and running fast.

Our service is available to anyone that wants to sell Christian products, whether you are a brick and mortar store, or an online only store. And we feature special discounts and incentives for active members of the Christian Booksellers Association trade group.
Manage your content with ease...
Easy Content Management & Updates
Your Christian Bookstore Website will come pre-stocked with approximately 250,000 product pages, and approximately 3000 content or category pages. Your store can be customized many ways including:
  • Create unlimited new pages with our basic editor, or use HTML.
  • Customize existing pre-stocked pages using HTML.
  • Integrate prdouct data directly into your content pages using special content tags.
  • Create custom lists of products based on your own selections
  • Includes facebook "Like" button integration on product pages (requires you to setup your facebook account).
  • Customizable site templates for Content Pages, Product Pages, Search Results and more.
With our powerful content management options you can individualize your store to create your own look and feel. With just a little HTML and some Photoshop graphics you can achieve an impressive amount of customization.
If I build it, will they come?
Marketing your Internet Christian Bookstore...
If you invested millions of dollars in a physical store, would you market it, or would you just wait for people to find you? Of course you would market it!! All too often Internet retailers are content to wait, and wait, and wait. If you want to make revenues, you need to engage customers. And the way to do that is with marketing!
  • Coupon system to create internet coupons.
  • Affiliates system to let you create web affiliates and track their earnings
  • Built-in Email Marketing System (Email Delivery via SendGrid costing $10 per 10,000 emails sent).
  • Easily create messages using our beginners editor, or advanced HTML.
  • Import existing email lists from your physical store business.
  • Export your customer list to create labels, postcard and other print marketing.
With our Internet Christian Bookstore Websites you can build content that customers will want to read, and then market that content on the internet and through email with our built in email tools.
Safe hosting of your web store in our data center.
Secure Hosted Christian Web Stores
Our Christian Bookstore Websites are hosted on a state of the art technology solution located in our Florida data center. Your web store will include the following hosted features:
  • Fully Hosted on our application servers
  • A Service Level Agreement to provide at least 96% uptime
  • Highly customizable look and feel
  • Search engine optimized URLs
  • Synchronized warehouse inventory
  • Fully integrated payments processing
Our turnkey solution means you never need worry about software upgrades, installation of e-commerce packages, infrastructure upgrades or computer programming. We've done all that for you!
Christian Dropshipping direct from our warehouse...
Christian Book Dropshop Fulfillment
We drop ship your order direct to your customers in quick time. Our goal is to get packages out the door as rapidly as possible. Our fulfillment includes:
  • Fraud Checking for mismatched Billing & Shipping Addresses
  • Shipment direct to consumer
  • Packing Slip featuring your own store identity
  • Returns processing from our Atlanta Returns Center.
  • Shipment from our own Distribution center in Atlanta, as well as distribution centers throughout North America and the United Kingdom.
Because our solution is pre-integrated with the major book fullfillment houses such as Baker & Taylor, and Ingram Book Distributors you can avoid the costly EDI setup fees and data licensing fees these organizations charge. You can also start selling & shipping products on the very first day your store is setup!
Support when you need it!
Support and Help to get started!
Our Christian Bookstore Websites come with options for free and for paid support depending on your service plan.
  • Free Access to our support forums at http://forums.deepercalling.com
  • Free Access to email support for answers to common questions.
  • Customers on paid support plans can also call our toll free phone support line at (888) 372 0011 between the hours of 10am thru 6pm EST during regular work days.
  • Customers who are not on paid support plans can call our tollfree line at a cost of $25 per incident.
With our comprehensive support options, you need never feel alone! Whether you use our free support options or our paid support options, you will always be able to ask questions and find the answers.

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