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Signature Websites

Switch-N-Save from Signature Websites to save up to $1000 a year!

Are you using a paid bookseller webstore program from Signature Websites? If so you need to ask yourself the following business questions.

Question Signature Websites DeeperCalling Free Stores
Does your webstore cost you money each month? Yes No - its free!
How much money do you pay each year for your bookstore website? $500 - $1000 a year or more Nothing, its free!
Who makes more money from each sale - your bookstore website company or you? I dont make any money from sales Im making lots of money!
Is your online website an overhead or a revenue generator? Overhead :-( Revenue Maker :-)
Do you think its a good idea to pay money for something you can get for free? I Love Paying for something that i could have for free! No - I dont like wasting money!

If your answers were in the first column then you are spending money on a service that you can have for free. What could you do with the money you save? Here are our top suggestions on what you can do with the savings you will receive when switching from Signature Websites to our free DeeperCalling Bookseller Websites.

  • Buy more stock so that you can have better in-store product selections.
  • Buy Bibles so that you can give them away. $1000 a year buys a lot of Bibles that you can donate to important causes!
  • Pay down some of your business debt.
  • Use the money to pay to attend the ICRS trade show each year!
  • Sponsor needy children with World Vision to help invest in the lives of those who are starving, sick or underpriveliged.
  • Give yourself a pay raise so that you can afford to take your kids on an annual vacation.

Whatever you choose to use your savings on is up to you. But we believe that you are better off having up to an extra $1000 in your own pocket each year. And that is why our service is completely free of upfront application fees and monthly hosting or service fees for all physical booksellers in the United States and Canada.

For more information on our free services, including fees, terms & conditions, contact a web store specialist today!

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