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How does my Organization earn revenues?

Your store is able to sell your own products, and you may also sell from our catalog of either 2.5 million instock books or 175,000 instock Christian Products. The amount of money you make on your sales varies depending on whether you are selling your own products, or products from our built in catalogs.

Earnings from sales of your own products
If the product is shipped by your organization, you earn the full price of the sale less our credit card fees. The following is an example of a $50 sale for a product you sell and fullfill yourself:

Line Item Sell at Full RRP Sell at 20% RRP Discount
Order Total $50.00 $40.00
Credit Card Fee (Average of 35c + 3%) $1.85 $1.55
Transaction Cost (12.5%) $6.25$6.25
Total Costs $8.10 $7.80
Net Profits $41.15 $32.20
Percentage Profit 82% Profit 81% Profit

It is up to your own organization to determine what discounts you wish to offer on your web store. The above model shows you a typical fullprice scenario, as well as a deep discount scenario.

Fullfillment from our Outsourced Warehouse & Distribution Centers
When selling from our catalog of 2.5 million books or 175,000 Christian products, your products will be shipped from one of our standard distribution centers. These include our Atlanta Book Distribution center as well as distribution centers operated by Baker & Taylor, and Ingram Book Distributors. The standard wholesale discount offered to free stores is as follows

Store TypeAverage Wholesale DiscountTransaction Fulfillment Fee
Standard Store40%12.5%
Broadcasters & NRB Member Store40%10%
Physical Booksellers & ABA/CBA Member Store40%8%

Below is an example as to how you would earn revenue on products shipped from our distribution centers...

Line Item Sell at Full RRP Sell at 10% RRP Discount
Order Total $50.00 $45.00
Cost Of Products (40% discount from RRP) $30.00 $30.00
Transaction Fee (12.5%) $6.25 $6.25
Credit Card Fee (Average of 35c + 3%) $1.85 $1.55
Total Costs $38.35 $37.80
Net Profits $11.65 $7.20
Percentage Profit 23% Profit 16% Profit

You can also create coupons and apply them to individual products, all products or product categories. Coupons come in three types, percentage off, dollar off coupons and fixed value coupons. For example, you can create a coupon to sell an item at a fixed price, an extra 5% off, or an extra $1.50 off the price. Our coupon system offers maximum flexibilty. Track coupon usage to see which marketing techniques are effective. If you use coupons, remember, this is money that you are giving back to the customer - and its coming from your bottom line.

DeeperCalling Media powered websites are a great way to offer your internet clients instant savings, and yet also raise revenues for your Organization. And the best thing ever - this service is free of expensive upfront charges and monthly service fees. You pay only the low transaction fees listed above!

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