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Free Internet E-Commerce Web Stores & Bookstores

Broadcaster Edition Free Stores

Our Free Broadcaster Edition E-Commerce stores are packed with awesome features. Below is the list of free store features for all other eligible groups. The features we provide depend on what type of organization you are.
Eligible Organizations
The following groups are eligible for Free Broadcaster Edition Book & Webstore Service...
  • Radio Stations located in the USA
  • Television Stations located in the USA
  • Internet Radio & TV Stations located in the USA
Earnings on Sales
Stores Earnings will be calculated as follows:
  • 100% of the purchase price of your own products (product stocked and sold by the store owner).
  • 40% wholesale discount on most products from our catalog of 3 million books or 250,000 Christian products.
Cost of Service
Our free stores are free of upfront and recurring service fees.
  • $0.00 Setup Fee
  • $0.00 Recurring Service Fees
  • A credit card processing fee of 35c + 3.5% of order value will be charged on all orders.
  • A transaction fulfillment fee of 10% of item suggested retail price will be charged on all orders.
Store Customization Options
Your free store comes with a wealth of customization options including:
  • Design your own store layout, or choose from out builtin templates.
  • Upload your own logo
  • Create your own pages
  • Customize the products featured on your homepage and other pages to suit your organization or ministry objectives.
  • Load and sell your own products
  • Create coupons and special offers
  • Create and send email campaigns
Before enrolling, you must post the following HTML & Hyperlinks exactly as shown below on your main website. This information must appear on your organizations main website. If you do not have a website, then you do not qualify for free services.
  • Required Content for Religious Stores
    Store Service Provided by <A HREF='http://www.deepercalling.com'>DeeperCalling Web Stores</A>, a specialist in the fulfillment of Christian Books for our <A HREF='http://www.deepershopping.com'>Christian Book Store</A>.
  • Required Content for Non Religious Stores
    Store Service Provided by <A HREF='http://www.deepercalling.com'>DeeperCalling Web Stores</A>, a specialist in <A HREF='http://www.promiseangels.com'>Book</A> fulfillment.
You must have already posted this information on your website before enrolling. This content must remain on your website for you to continue to receive free services. All hyperlinks must be shown as is, and must not be modified or "no followed". Your site will be checked daily for compliance.
Your free retail webstore comes with the following restrictions:
  • All pages report to the search engines that they are "NoIndex, NoFollow"
  • No data exports of product information are permitted
These restrictions, can be lifted by switching to our paid service.

In addition, your web store can not be used to sell anything of a pornographic, anti-Christian or unwholesome nature. You can not sell military equipment, guns, ammunition, drugs or alcohol with this service.

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