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Free Internet E-Commerce Web Stores & Bookstores

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the service?
Eligibility for our free hosted E-Commerce Webstores & Bookstores is strictly limited to the following groups...
  • Standard Free Hosted E-Commerce Stores
    • Churches & Ministries
    • Registered Charities
    • Membership Organizations & Associations
    • Print Newspapers & Magazines
    • Authors, Publishers & Recording Labels
    • Established online websites
  • Broadcaster Free Hosted E-Commerce Stores
    • Members of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)
    • Radio Stations
    • TV Stations
    • IP Radio & TV Stations
  • Bookseller Free Hosted E-Commerce Stores
    • Physical Book Sellers
    • CBA Physical Bookseller Member Stores
    • ABA Physical Bookseller Member Stores
Store owners not meeting the above criteria may elect to purchase our paid Web & Bookstore services.
How Much Does it Cost?
There is no upfront cost, and there are no recurring costs.
What is the difference between the free service and the paid service?
The services provided are about 90% the same. There are some differences and these are outlined below:
  • Free stores have some eligibility restrictions.
  • Free stores contain some limited Banner Advertising powered by the Salem Web Network...
  • Free stores receive a slightly lower wholesale discount when selling from our prebuilt catalogs of 3.5 million books or 125,000 Christian products.
  • Free stores receive support via our online support forums only, and are not eligible for phone support with the exception of DNS setup instructions.
  • Free stores do not support search engine indexing. *
  • Free stores require you to post some specific pre-approved "powered by" content on your main organization website. *
Note: * These restrictions do not apply to Free Bookseller (Physical Booksellers, ABA & CBA members) Edition Stores.

Otherwise the service provided is much the same, and you can remove these restrictions at any time by upgrading to paid services. In addition, the following optional paid services are available to free store owners for the fee of $9.98 per month:
  • Tollfree phone answering service for store customers wishing to place orders or seeking product information.
  • Automated Creation and sending of email campaigns to store customers. Free store ownes may opt into this program to ensure store customers are emailed on a weekly basis to present them with product offers and build brand awareness.
What exactly do i get?
You will receive a fully setup Retail & Bookstore. We will handle your internet credit card processing, the updating and maintenance of the product database including product availability and descriptions. We will also provide you with a secure way to track sales. We will manage your website and all the computer facilities required to run it including servers, databases, programming etc. You dont have to worry about any of the technical stuff!
Is is safe?
Your store will run on our computing infrastructure located in a secure data center in Florida. Access to the server is controlled by physical security. As for sensitive data, we encrypt all personal information to maximize its protection. Security on the Internet is a constantly evolving technology, as such we can not guarantee that our facilities will never be compromised, only that we take appropriate steps to minimize that risk. All transactions are secured with 256 bit SSL security and encryption.
Can I use my existing domain name?
If you do not have a domain name for your bookstore, we will assign you one in the format of http://yourshopname.clearcheckout.com . If you own and existing domain name, then you can use it provided you setup the appropriate A-NAME and C-NAME DNS records. We will provide technical support to store owners using the Godaddy or the Register.com domain services to assist you with this process.
Can DeeperCalling help me with my website design and layout?
We provide a number of standard templates that you can use. You may also adapt the provided templates and customize them with your own HTML, Graphics, Flash and other Multimedia objects. We suggest you hire the services of a website design consultant if you wish to significantly customize the look and feel of the site. We will be happy to consult with your designer if you wish.
Can I customize the service?
There are many ways the service can be customized. You can choose from a number of pre-defined templates to control the look and feel of your site. You can even create your own template for a truely one of a kind look.

Beyond making changes to your theme or template, you can also easily upload your own logo, create your own store pages (such as your hot picks, your book reviews), and even make your own recommendations on the home page for titles you would like to feature. You can customize the discount level you sell products at, and you can tailor many other aspects of your store!
Can i sell my own products?
Yes, you an sell your own products.
How many products are on offer?
We currently offer a catalog of over 2.5 million book, music and movie products, or a catalog of 170,000 instock Christian products.
Can we discount products or adjust product pricing?
Yes, you can adjust discount by product type (Book, CD, Movies) or individually by product number (for example set a discount on a specific product to be 30%).
How is fullfillment handled?
If you have stock of the product in your own store or warehouse then you will receive a notification to ship the item yourself. If stock is coming from one our distribution centers or warehouses such as the DeeperCalling Atlanta warehouse, Baker & Taylor or Ingram Book Distributors, then fullfillment will automatically be handled by the distribution center and you need take no action.
How do i get paid?
When a customer makes a purchase, all funds are deposited into a transaction trust account. Once monthly the system will determine your earnings and automatically deposit them into your US based checking or savings account via ACH. In order to be credited for earnings it is important that you setup the bank account that you wish to receive your earnings into.
What Technical Skills will i need?
It will be helpful to have access to a resource that knows HTML and Photoshop. If you are blessed with a technical resource they should be able to handle all your technical needs.

If you do not have a technical resource, it is helpful to either find a resource, or learn some of the basics, especially when creating any email campaigns you may wish to run.
Im not in the USA - can i open a store?
No, our free store service is currently only available in the United States.

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