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Enroll & Setup Your Store

It takes only a few minutes to get up and running. Simply complete the enrollment information below, and your store will be instantly created for you. As soon as it is created, you may begin taking orders. You may also log on to your store backoffice and customize your store with your own logo, feature product selections and many other options. The possibilities are endless!

Step 1 - Choose Store Type

1. Select which Product Catalog your store will sell from
      Christian Bookstore with 250,000 products (See Examples) ...
      General / Secular Bookmarket with 3.5 million products (See Examples) ...

2. What type of organization are you
      Physical Book Store - Open at least 40 hours a week and selling books to walk in customers...
      Broadcaster - A Radio or TV station that is legally licensed to transmit over the air...
      Church / Ministry - A Church Or Ministry with an existing website...
      None Of The Above - Thats Ok! We're just trying to understand what type of company you are...

3. If you have an existing website, what is that website address?

4. Tell us a little about why you want to open an online bookstore.
     What are you hoping to achieve and how do you plan on marketing your store?


5. Choose either Free Services with a higher transaction fee or Pro (paid) Services with a lower transaction fee.
      Free Store (More Information) ...
  • No Monthly Service Fee
  • Optional Services such as tollfree phone order taking may incur a cost.
  • DeeperCalling Transaction Fee of 8-10% will be levied according to your organization profile.

      Pro Store
  • Charges a Monthly Service Fee of $84.98 per month or higher depending on services selected.
  • By default, your store will be created on the Silver Plan.
  • Removes the restrictions of the Free Store.
  • DeeperCalling Transaction Fee of 4-5% will be levied based on the plan you enroll in.
  • If you need another plan, call our support team and request a change after your store has been created.

6. If you chose free service, and you have an existing website, do you want to post our hyperlinks on your
     current website (not the bookstore website we are proving you) to get a lower transaction fee?
If you would like an additional reduction in the transaction fee we charge you, enter the location on your website where you have posted the required hyperlinks. Upon verification of the link placement, your transaction fee will be reduced by 2%. The link content must be posted on your current homepage, or a page no more than one click from your homepage.

Hyperlink content for a reduced transaction fee...
Store Service Provided by <A HREF='http://www.deepercalling.com'>DeeperCalling Web Stores</A>, a specialist in the fulfillment of Christian Books and <A HREF='http://www.deepershopping.com/church-supplies.html'>Church Supplies</A> for our <A HREF='http://www.deepershopping.com'>Christian Book Store</A>.

Enter the page address on your website where you entered the above content...
Backlink URL - http://

For Broadcasters - Posting the above specified link code on your website will reduce your transaction fee from 10% of the RRP to 8% of the RRP - putting more money in your pocket.

For Churches, Ministries and other Websites - Posting the above specified link code on your website will reduce your transaction fee from 10% of the RRP to 8% of the RRP.

If you have questions regarding our services, including fees, terms & conditions, contact a web store specialist today!

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