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Terms Of Service

We dont hide our terms of service. We give you all the information you need to make your decisions - right up front. Even the fine print! And we're so confident we have the best deal, we even disclose all the details in public! DeeperCalling Powered Book Sellers Web Stores are a no nonsense, excellent value solution for your online ecommerce needs. Please note, Terms and Conditions may change with time. Please refer back to this page for the prevailing terms.

General Terms
  • By enrolling in and/or operating a store powered by DeeperCalling Media, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.
  • The deeperCalling Private Label Web Store Service is a service of DeeperCalling Media LLC (here in referred to as Deepercalling).
  • Deepercalling retains the right to alter or amend the service, and the terms under which the service is provided as it sees fit. The prevailing deepercalling terms and conditions for the deeperShopping service will be posted on the deepercalling website.
  • Customer bookstores understand that Deepercalling media will operate its own online retail stores to both test out new features, and for profit.

Service Fees & Dues
  • A monthly service fee applies to all deeperCalling Private Label Web Stores joining the either directly or through our resellers. This fee will be deducted directly from your bank account or credit cardand will be payable monthly in advance for the current month. Service is provided on a calendar month basis. Any store open on the first calendar day of the month is liable for payment of that month's service fees in full.
  • Monthly service dues may rise from time to time. Such rises will be communicated to the email address of the store on file at least one billing cycle ahead of the price rise.
  • As of January 1, 2010 all monthly billings are assessed and due on the 1st of each month.
  • Declined payments are assessed a $30 delinquency fee per missed or late payment. The delinquency fee is due directly to DeeperCalling Media and is in addition to any fees or charges that are levied on your account by your financial institution.
  • All stores carrying a delinquent balance in excess of $5.00 will continue to be treated as active stores, but will have all store pages replaced with a message outlining that there is a "problem" with their account. The purpose of the message is to draw store owners attention to the current delinquent balance. Payment of the balance will restore standard services.
  • All stores carrying a delinquent balance for two consecutive billing cycles or more will have service terminated.
  • The termination of service at either parties request does not absolve or forgive any past due balance.
  • All stores carrying a delinquent balance for two consecutive billing cycles or more will have their delinquent balance turned out to a collections agency for collections.
  • To resume disconnected or suspended services, any store closed due to an delinquent balance will have to pay a $45 reconnection fee, and will be moved onto a monthly service plan at the current prevailing rates. Stores that reconnect services may experience price rises on their monthly dues, and on any other optional services they are using if prices have risen since they enrolled.
  • Delinquent stores will have their earnings held until the delinquency is resolved and outstanding monthly service fees are paid in full. Failure to resolve delinquency within three months of the original delinquency date shall be grounds for forfiture of outstanding earnings.

Store Earnings & Payments
  • Each online store partner may choose the discount level at which they sell to their customers. This choice can be updated as needed, and allowable discount levels fall between 0% and 25% of the Recommended Retail Price. Final discounts may vary depending on the wholesale cost price of items and whether such a price can sustain the store operators desired customer discounts.
  • Some vendors require their products not be discounted, or that they carry maximum discounts of a specific amount. In that case the vendors discounting policy will prevail over the stores policy.
  • The wholesales sales price is the price deepercalling media is charged a product by its distribution partners, included but not limited to Ingram Book Distributors, Stuller, Baker & Taylor and Super-D. The Wholesales sales price includes the cost of products, plus any costs associated with product acquisition including inbound freight, picking, packing, shipping, taxes, duties and data entry costs.
  • In addition, any charges levied by the credit card processing companies PaymentPlanet, Paypal, Barclays, TransFirst, our merchant partners American Express and Discover Card, will be passed onto bookstore partners. Rates are subject to change, and vary depending on the country of origin of the credit card being used. An aggregated or blended rate is charged for all transactions.
  • deepercalling will levy a transaction fee of between 4% and 5%, depending on enrolled plan, of the recommended retail price as a transaction fee for providing the deeperShopping service. This is in addition to any credit card merchant fees.

Discontinuing Services
  • Any store that wishes to discontinue services must contact DeeperCalling Media in writing. A written order is required to terminate services. Email is not a satisfactory option due to our spam and virus filters. Store operators must fax, or send a written request to our head offices. Once you have received confirmation that your store is closed you can assume that there will be no further charges to your account.
  • Prorata rates - the monthly fee will be payable up until the end of the month in which you discontinue. There are no refunds or partial credits/proratas of the monthly service fees.

  • Store owners who have enrolled in services via a reselling agent are also bound by these terms & conditions. In the event that a store owner has enrolled in DeeperCalling Store services through a reseller, - the day to day relationship for technical support is provided by the Reseller. However, DeeperCalling Media will provide store services. As of September 1, 2009, DeeperCalling Media will directly bill store owners for their dues, and will directly pay store owners for any earnings accrued after September 1, 2009 - provided the store maintains a good financial standing and is not delinquent in the payment of their monthly service dues.

Dispute Resolution
  • In the event of any dispute between the client bookstore and deepercalling, said client agrees that deepercalling's decisions on all matters of dispute will be final.

Sales Taxes, GST & VAT
  • Where relevant sales taxes will be collected and paid by deepercalling to the bookstore partner, who will be repsonsible for filing all tax returns with the necessary authorities and jurisdictions.

General Order Processing
  • deepercalling is not liable for any lost profits due to the deeperShopping service being unavailable, down or offline for any reason. DeeperCalling Media is not liable for pricing errors or omissions, or for data items provided by our upstream data providers.
  • Deepercalling and its distribution partners shall have the right to refuse to honor a customer order for any reason, including but not limited to being out of stock, incorrect posted price, incorrectly applied coupons etc.
  • In the event of an error or mistake, deepercalling’s sole liability shall be the refund of the transaction fee it levied on the erroneous transaction.
  • Stores may not directly contact any organization or individual that is a part of the deeperShopping supply chain for any reason, unless you are an existing Brick and Mortar store with a legitimate trade reason to contact our vendors. All stores which are strictly "Online Only" stores may not for any reason contact any members of the deeperCalling Media product supply chain. It is also strictly forbidden for any member store to contact any member of our supply chain to open a direct account for the purpose of selling products on Ebay.
  • deeperCalling Media reserves the right to manage, update and control all product pricing on the deeperShopping powered webstores. deeperCalling Media may also at its discretion, provide selected products for sale only through selected classes or subsets of stores. Such product availability decisions will be made solely at the discretion of deeperCalling Media Inc.
  • All returns processing shall be provided by DeeperCalling Media with the exception of certain distributors. End user customers are to return their products according to the currently operating deepercalling returns policy.
    • Customers may return items provided the return is received by DeeperCalling Media or its authorized distributors within 30 days of the customer receiving the item.
    • Items received after 30 days will attract a 20% restocking fee.
    • Items received after 60 days will attract a 50% restocking fee.
    • Items received after 90 days will be assessed as donations back to DeeperCalling Media
    • Opened media items, perishables and electronics can not be accepted for return . However defective units will be replaced free of charge up to 90 days after purchase. Then after the manufacturers warranty applies.
  • Sales commissions paid on items returned by customers will be deducted from store earnings.

Use of Intellectual Property
  • By enrolling in the storefront service, you are agreeing that all deepercalling media, Bill Goodyear, and any other relevant party retains exclusive ownership rights and control of its source code, databases, data and systems. This does not in anyway negate the copyright ownership of any assets that are the property of third party copyright holders, including, but not limited to, Bill Goodyear, Sun Microsystems, The Zend Corporation, The Apache Free Software Foundation and others. Enrolling in the storefront service does not confer the rights to the store operator to access the source code, databases, data or underlying application solutions.
  • The deeperShopping domain name and all subdomains are the exclusive property of deeperCalling Media. Enrolling in the deeperShopping service does not confer any ownership or rights to use the deeperShopping domain name. Stores are encouraged to register their own domain names and maintain their own marketing and domain identities.
  • Stores may not use any deeperCalling media trademarks in their store names, marketing colleteral, online stores or other materials. This includes by is not limited the trademarks and registered trademarks of deeperWorship, deepWorship, deeperCalling, deeperShopping, deeperLiving. Any unauthorized use of such protected company trademarks is grounds for immediate service termination.
  • Stores may not take content written by deeperCalling Media on its own retail sites and use that content on their own sites. Any content developed by deeperCalling Media is copyright deeperCalling Media and can not be used without prior written consent.
  • Store operator agrees to hold all deeperCalling Media and deeperShopping service information in strict confidence and will not divulge or disclose any information related to deeperCalling and its deeperShopping service to any third party withour prior written consent.

Use of Catalog & Product Information
  • DeeperCalling Media licenses some data from third party organizations and does not own all the data in its databases. Such data can not be used in any way that violates the licenses that DeeperCalling Media has entered into. Specifically, product descriptions and other attributes that have been provided by third party organization have restrictions that prohibit their use outside of your online store. This includes unloading data and entering it into any database system, online website, or online database or shopping comparison engine. To avoid exposure to potential lawsuits from our licensors, it is essential that you discuss your offsite use of data in your store with DeeperCalling Media. In the event that one of our licensors files suit against DeeperCalling Media for a store's use of data - you agree to hold harmless and to fully imdemnify DeeperCalling Media from any fees, charges, damages and expenses incurred by DeeperCalling Media due to your use of the data.
  • Store owners who have downloaded product data must destroy all such copies of data and delete all data they have uploaded onto other sites on the internet when monthly services with DeeperCalling Media are interrupted for any reason. If your store is closed you must delete all product data. Continued use of product data after your store is closed will cause you to be liable for data usage charges from our data licensors. Such charges include a onetime setup fee and monthly usage fees. To avoid these charges you must delete all copies of product data that you have downloaded.

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