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How does my Book Store earn revenues?

Your store is able to sell your own products as well as over 2.5 million instock products directly from our product catalog. Fullfillment of items in our catalog is handled from standard industry distributors including Baker & Taylor, Super-D, and the Ingram Book Company.

Direct Fulfillment By Retailer
If the product is shipped by your organization directly from your store, you earn the full price of the sale less our transaction and credit card fees. The following is an example of a $50 sale for store direct shipped products:

Line Item Sell at Full RRP Sell at 20% RRP Discount
Order Total $50.00 $40.00
Transaction Fee (depends on store type) $2.50 $2.50
Credit Card Fee (Average of 35c + 3%) $1.85 $1.55
Total Costs $3.35 $3.05
Net Profits $45.65 $35.95
Percentage Profit 91% Profit 72% Profit

It is up to your own Bookstore to determine what discounts you wish to offer on your web store. The above model shows you a typical fullprice scenario, as well as a deep discount scenario.

Fullfillment from Industry Book Distributors
Each distributor assigns a standard wholesale buy price to their items. That is your baseline cost. On average, our distributors give our retailers the full industry standard discount, which is usually around 40%. To that should be added the transaction fee and the credit card fee. The difference between the total cost and your selling price is your profit.

The consumer retail discount level (the price your customers pay) can be customized by each online store. You are free to select the discount you wish to sell at, from 0% to just under 25% of retail. The retail discount level can be set as a uniform rate for all products, or can be set by product category - for example you may sell everything at say a 10% discount, except CDs at 20% and DVDs at 25%. Our flexible pricing model allows you to choose how you sell products.

Below is an example as to how you would earn revenue.

Line Item Sell at Full RRP Sell at 20% RRP Discount
Order Total $50.00 $40.00
Cost Of Products (40% discount from RRP) $30.00 $30.00
Transaction Fee (depends on store type) $2.50 $2.50
Credit Card Fee (Average of 35c + 3%) $1.85 $1.55
Total Costs $33.35 $33.05
Net Profits $15.65 $5.95
Percentage Profit 31% Profit 12% Profit

You can also create coupons and apply them to individual products, all products or product categories. Coupons come in three types, percentage off, dollar off coupons and fixed value coupons. For example, you can create a coupon to sell an item at a fixed price, an extra 5% off, or an extra $1.50 off the price. Our coupon system offers maximum flexibilty. Track coupon usage to see which marketing techniques are effective. If you use coupons, remember, this is money that you are giving back to the customer - and its coming from your bottom line.

DeeperCalling Media powered websites are a great way to offer your internet clients instant savings, and yet also raise revenues for your Ministry.

Why do you charge a transaction fee?
We charge a transaction fee to cover the time and expense of handling the fulfillment of your orders. This effort is directly proportional to the number of sales you make, and so covering costs via a transaction fee has proven to be the best model. It also covers following up on orders shipping to addresses other than the confirmed credit card billing address, as notified by our credit card merchant processor. Ensuring smooth fulfillment and making sure that orders dispatch with the approval of credit card owners takes a considerable effort, and the transaction fee is used to cover those efforts. In addition the transaction fee covers a one time reshipment of items that go missing in transit, provided appropriate paperwork has been filed by the customer with the carrier of choice.

Can I opt out of the transaction fee?
No, this is not an option that is currently, or expected to be available.

Who determines the wholesale discounts?
The wholesale discounts are determined by the distribution centers and fulfillment warehouses that ship on our behalf. In most cases these rates are the very same rate that any physical retailer would pay if they purchased product from these same distribution warehouses. And given that most Christian and Secular bookstores buy most of their products from the same warehouses we use, you can be assured that your baseline cost price is the very same costprice that any physical retailer in your area would have to pay if they also wanted to order stock for their shelves.

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