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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the service?
Any organization that wishes to sell Books, Music or Movies on the Internet. There is no other qualification or requirement needed.
Do I have to be a member of the ABA to use this service?
No, we do not require you to be a member of the ABA. Although ABA members do get special discounts that are exclusive to the ABA.
Do I have to have an existing Physical Store to use this service?
No, you do not need to have an existing store. You can be an online only store if you wish, or you can be an online and a physical store combined - whatever works best for your needs.
How Much Does it Cost?
There is a onetime non refundable enrollment fee of $249.00. A monthly service fee also applies and ranges from $84.98 upwards depending on the level of service selected. Our entry level Silver program costs $84.98 and is a fullservice fullfeatured offering that suits over 90% of our clients.

Members of the American Booksellers Association (www.bookweb.org) may qualify for special discounts that are exclusive to ABA members.
What is the difference between the paid Bookstore Webstore and your Free Bookstore Webstore?
The main differences are as follows:
  • The free bookstore does not offer as large a trade discount on sales of product from our book / Christian products catalog.
  • The free bookstore service carries a limited number of unobtrusive advertising announcements and banners powered by the Salem Web Network.
  • The free bookstore service does not allow you to download product catalog data.
  • The free bookstore does not include search engine indexing capabilities for store owners that are not Physical Booksellers or Bookseller members of the ABA or CBA.
  • The free service has strict eligibility requirements which are documented in our Free Stores section.
  • We do not provide free stores with a phone answering service for store customers wishing to place orders or seeking product information.
  • We do not automatically create and send email campaigns to free store customers. Paid stores will automatically email store customers on a weekly basis to present them with product offers and build brand awareness.
Otherwise the service provided is the very similar.
Why are your rates cheaper than the ABA's IndieCommerce Offering?
Our company started life as a Mom and Pop company, and we've always had a heart for independant retailers. So we've worked diligently to come up with an offering that is exceptionally well priced, and yet full featured. We've cut no corners. We've not left anything out. Our prices are more affordable because we decided we did not want anyone to be priced out of the market!
What exactly do i get?
You will receive a fully setup Internet Bookstore. We will handle your internet credit card processing, the updating and maintenance of the product database including product availability and descriptions. We will also provide you with a secure way to track sales. We will manage your website and all the computer facilities required to run it including servers, databases, programming etc. You dont have to worry about any of the technical stuff!
Is is safe?
Your store will run on our computing infrastructure located in a secure data center in Florida. Access to the server is controlled by physical security. As for sensitive data, we encrypt all personal information to maximize its protection. Security on the Internet is a constantly evolving technology, as such we can not guarantee that our facilities will never be compromised, only that we take appropriate steps to minimize that risk. All transactions are secured with 256 bit SSL security and encryption.
Can I use my existing domain name?
If you do not have a domain name for your bookstore, we will assign you one in the format of http://yourshopname.clearcheckout.com . If you own and existing domain name, then you can use it provided you setup the appropriate A-NAME and C-NAME DNS records. We will provide technical support to store owners using the Godaddy or the Register.com domain services to assist you with this process.
Can DeeperCalling help me with my website design and layout?
We provide a number of standard templates that you can use. You may also adapt the provided templates and customize them with your own HTML, Graphics, Flash and other Multimedia objects. We suggest you hire the services of a website design consultant if you wish to significantly customize the look and feel of the site. We will be happy to consult with your designer if you wish.
Can I customize the service?
There are many ways the service can be customized. You can choose from a number of pre-defined templates to control the look and feel of your site. You can even create your own template for a truely one of a kind look.

Beyond making changes to your theme or template, you can also easily upload your own logo, create your own store pages (such as your hot picks, your book reviews), and even make your own recommendations on the home page for titles you would like to feature. You can customize the discount level you sell products at, and you can tailor many other aspects of your store!
How many products are on offer?
We currently offer over 2.5 million instock products in our Book Seller Webstore service.
What is the expected profit i will make?
Products fulfilled from our standard warehouses and distribution centers such as Baker & Taylor and Ingram Book Distributors will earn you about a 30% - 40% margin. Products that are fullfilled directly from your own store or your own warehouse may earn higher revenues such as 50% or more. A credit card merchant fee and transaction fee typically around 7.5% of the sale will be deducted from your gross margin and the balance will be your earnings.
Can we discount products or adjust product pricing?
Yes, you can adjust discount by product type (Book, CD, Movies) or individually by product number (for example set a discount on a specific product to be 30%).
How is fullfillment handled?
If you have stock of the product in your own store or warehouse then you will receive a notification to ship the item yourself. If stock is coming from one our distribution centers or warehouses such as Baker & Taylor or Ingram Book Distributors, then fullfillment will automatically be handled by the distribution center and you need take no action.
How do i get paid?
When a customer makes a purchase, all funds are deposited into a transaction trust account. Once monthly the system will determine your earnings and automatically deposit them into your US based checking or savings account via ACH. In order to be credited for earnings it is important that you setup the bank account that you wish to receive your earnings into.
What Technical Skills will i need?
Knowing a little HTML and/or Photoshop is helpful if you intend to do graphically intensive work. If you are blessed with a technical resource they should be able to handle all your technical needs.

If you are creating pages, writing articles, then a good working knowledge of your computer and how to use an internet browser, keyboard and Windows or a Macintosh will be sufficient. As always, if you have concerns or questions we recommend you contact us for assitance.

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