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DeeperCalling Media completes Data Licensing Agreement with Book Distributor Baker & Taylor. Move Brings Thousands of New Book Titles to Internet & eCommerce Booksellers

May 2, 2012
Deeper Calling Media the worlds largest supplier of full-service online Christian book stores, specializing in online stores, and drop-ship fulfillment of books, music, and media has finalized a contract licensing agreement with Baker & Taylor Distributors. The agreement will make available the hottest new titles, including NYT Bestsellers, immediately as they are released.

DeeperCaling Media has licensed data from Baker & Taylor, one of the worlds largest suppliers of published reading materials and related products. With the licensing agreement comes the addition of over 350,000 new products to the already expansive line of products Deeper Calling provides to physical and online booksellers.

Better Product Data Means Better Sales
The new Baker & Taylor data feed adds books and media in several hundred categories, allowing DCM to include more inventory in all of its American Booksellers Association (ABA) member stores. These offerings will bring the entire inventory to levels which rival many major booksellers in the industry. The licensing agreement will allow products to digitally update on a daily basis; disseminating new product offerings, and updating existing products with the newest images and purest data available.

Bill Goodyear, CEO of Deeper Calling notes, "As a result of our Baker & Taylor relationship, we will now have more timely access to new title release information. Booksellers will see improvements in the number, depth and timeliness of titles available - maximizing sales opportunities."

Giving Something Back to the Community
Deeper Calling Media's network of independent partner stores already enjoys an active inventory of 2.7 million active products as a feature of their Free Online Bookstores. Titles go in and out of stock, and printers update and edit, so the number of products in the entire catalog fluctuates. Baker and Taylor is an industry leading distributor of books, videos, and music to libraries, institutions and retailers; which means when all inventory is included - both current titles and those dormant due to out of stock, or other reasons - the entire bibliographic listing from DCM will include over 5 million titles.

Most Main Street retailers do not stock nearly that many titles. Larger independent Brick & Mortar Bookstores to general small-town Coffee Shop/Bookstore retailers can all benefit from the Baker & Taylor agreement by setting up an e-commerce online store - a free service to American Booksellers Association (ABA) and Christian Bookseller Association (CBA) members.

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