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About DeeperCalling Media...

DeeperCalling Media announces launch of Free Bookstore & Webstore Services for Churches & Ministries

March 28, 2012
DeeperCalling Media today launches a new cost free service for Churches and Ministries that are seeking to sell products over the internet to their members, and to the general public.

Our new free store option enables ministries to effectively sell their own products and earn the full sale price after credit card processing as revenue. Churches and Ministries can also promote items from our extensive collection of over 170,000 instock products - made available at a 20% wholesale discount.

Under this program, Churches and Ministries will save approximately $1,200 per year compared to the costs of our standard paid Internet Bookstore & Webstore program.

The terms of the program are as follows:
  • Services will be provided free of upfront enrollment fees and monthly service dues.
  • Features over 170,000 active instock products including over 5500 Bibles, 110,000 Books, 7000 Church Supplies & Resources, and many other Christian items.
  • Participants receive an average wholesale discount of approximately 20% from the manufacturers suggested retail price
  • Update their store template, layout and look and feel as you wish.
  • Create your own pages using the store's built in content management system.
  • Load and sell their own products along side the already included products in the store system.
  • To receive earnings you must file a W9 document to DeeperCalling Media.
  • It is a requirement that you place an acknowledgement on your main company/organization website (not your store site) noting that store services are donated by DeeperCalling Media. The acknowledgement must contain pre-approved verbiage and must be placed on a page no more than one click away from your home page.
DeeperCalling Media also provides optional warehousing and fulfillment services for broadcasters who retail their own products. From books to keychains and everything inbetween, your products can ship direct from our Atlanta distribution center to customers globally!

For further details of this program, contact a customer care advocate during regular business hours.

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