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About DeeperCalling Media...

New Free E-commerce Web Store offering from DeeperCalling Media in partnership with Send The Light Distribution

June 20, 2012

SUWANEE, GA, JUNE 20, 2012- DeeperCalling Media (DCM) and Send The Light Distribution (STL) have partnered to release a highly optimized Christian Web Store service for Christian booksellers.

Available to all physical booksellers in the United States and Canada free of charge, the service provides retailers with a sophisticated and yet easy to use eCommerce Web Store pre-stocked with STL's entire Christian product inventory. Also included is inventory from all other major North American Christian Book distributors. DeeperCalling Media is the acknowledged global leader in e-commerce web stores for independent booksellers, offering web stores that feature the option of choosing 200,000 Christian book & Church products, or 3 million books for the general book market.

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DeeperCalling Media Announces Free Internet Bookstore Service for Members of the Book Trade.

May 2, 2012
Deeper Calling Media the world's largest supplier of turnkey full service online bookstores is excited to announce, Effective May 1st, 2012, Physical Booksellers, CBA Booksellers, and ABA Booksellers will be eligible for a Free Internet Bookstore website.

For nearly a decade, DeeperCalling Media (DCM) has operated a thriving paid internet bookstore eCommerce service. The platform has proven extremely popular with booksellers throughout the country, and has been used to power thousands of mission critical bookseller websites. Now DeeperCalling - in close consultation with industry partners including distributors, trade associations, and retailers - is offering a new free version of its internet bookstore service...
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DeeperCalling Media completes Data Licensing Agreement with Book Distributor Baker & Taylor. Move Brings Thousands of New Book Titles to Internet & eCommerce Booksellers

May 2, 2012
Deeper Calling Media the world's largest supplier of full-service online Christian book stores, specializing in online stores, and drop-ship fulfillment of books, music, and media has finalized a contract licensing agreement with Baker & Taylor Distributors. The agreement will make available the hottest new titles, including NYT Bestsellers, immediately as they are released.

DeeperCaling Media has licensed data from Baker & Taylor, one of the world's largest suppliers of published reading materials and related products. With the licensing agreement comes the addition of over 350,000 new products to the already expansive line of products Deeper Calling provides to physical and online booksellers.
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DeeperCalling Media to provide free bookstore services to members of the National Religious Broadcasters Association

April 4, 2012
DeeperCalling Media understands the important mission that Christian Broadcasters undertake on a daily basis. Sharing God's word, equipping the Saints, and encouraging believers is not an easy task. It takes resources and committment to keep the lights on at religious broadcasters around the nation.

In support of the mission of the NRB, DeeperCalling Media is now providing members of the National Religious Broadcasters with free internet bookstore services. These stores will help broadcasters raise much needed revenues, while also allowing for engagement with consumers.
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DeeperCalling Media announces launch of Free Bookstore & Webstore Services for Churches & Ministries

March 28, 2012
DeeperCalling Media today launches a new cost free service for Churches and Ministries that are seeking to sell products over the internet to their members, and to the general public.
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